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Luxurious indulgence for body, mind, and soul

Our massage therapists pamper you with a wide variety of massages. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and enjoy healing touches that gently relieve stress and tension.

For appointments, bookings, and price information, please contact our reception. All massages can be combined by arrangement.

Traditional massage | Swedish massage

The effect of the traditional massage spreads from the treated area of your body to the entire organism and also enhances your mental well-being. This massage is particularly recommended for chronic tension and stress-induced hardening of the muscles.

Full-body massages (50/75 minutes) or partial massages (25 minutes) are available.

High-alpine massage

In addition to the traditional massage and to support your well-being, we use marmot oil, which contains natural cortisone. This old household remedy facilitates healing processes of the musculoskeletal system and was used as a home remedy for joint pain in the olden days.

The combo massage

Combining a traditional back massage with foot reflexology is a popular duo.

In the first half of the massage, traditional massage techniques are used to relax and improve your back. In the second half, your entire body is stimulated via the reflex zones on your feet. This is particularly beneficial, as this massage promotes regeneration and relaxation from everyday stress, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Organ massage

The internal organs behave like the muscles. Their tissue sheaths, also known as “fascia,” can become tense due to excessive stress or strong emotions. This gentle form of massage helps your organs relax. It also activates self-healing, loosens adhesions in the tissue sheaths, and removes toxins there. It supports the harmony in your organ system and actively promotes the maintenance of your health.

Hot stone massage

The massage is performed with basalt rocks that have been heated to 60°C (140°F) in a water bath. The warmth floods your body and provides soothing relaxation, especially in the neck and shoulder area.

Caution! Not suitable for people with vascular diseases of any kind!

Lomi massage

Originally a ritual healing massage from Hawaii, we use it exclusively as a popular wellness massage. This massage is distinguished by a lot of oil and gentle strokes over the entire body.